Module to support artist in residence center

Module to support artists' residencies

The module did grant support in 2007 for a three- year period.

New information about the future of the module will be informed on our web site as soon as political conclusions are reached.

For information about the guidelines please see below:

Residencies offer support for working sessions for professional artists and cultural operators

  • the module provides funding for residency centres in the Nordic countries to receive professional artists and cultural operators from the Nordic countries  
  • each residency will receive annual funding to cover scholarships for 2 - 4 artists
  • the scholarships shall cover travel expenses, board and lodging for approx. 2 months
  • the residencies themselves select the artists according to the residencies own criteria
  • the residencies are offered an annual meeting to exchange experiences and to discuss topics and questions related to the work with residency centres  
  • the residencies are offered resources for joint information activities which the residencies can use for information about their application deadlines and criteria and for presentation of the residency and the artists working there  
  • 8 - 16 residencies can participate for a maximum of three years

Assessment criteria
  • the residency centre works with professional artists and cultural operators on  a regular basis
  • the residency centre has explicit objectives and a desire to support innovative artistic work
  • the centre has capacity to support the work processes of the artists in residence
  • the residency centre has capacity to work with several artists at the same time or has documented partnerships with the local art scene

Who can apply?
  • artistic residences in the Nordic countries in all fields of art and culture
  • organisations/groups with new initiatives within the work of artistic residency
  • individual artists cannot apply

Nordic Culture Point Suomenlinna B 28, FI-00190 Helsinki