Module for Mobility Funding

Mobility Funding

Next application deadline
: 04.03.2009

The module offers funding for all the fields/sectors of art and culture in the Nordic countries: to professional artists working in all art forms and genres, to authors, translators, curators, producers, cultural editors and researchers etc
  • professional practitioners/individuals can apply for an accommodation grant in another Nordic country
  • the accommodation grant covers the accommodations expenses for maximum 7 days (five working days and a weekend) according to the average expenses in two categories (the capital region, the rest of the country)
  • please note that the applicant must be the same person as the one who travels and that the grant is only for individuals, not groups.

Accommodation grants, 7 days

The capital region

The rest of the country

To Denmark

€ 1 400

€ 1 100

To Finland

€ 1 000

€ 750

To Norway

€ 1 400

€ 1 100

To Sweden

€ 1 700

€ 1 300

To Åland

€ 1 000

€ 750

To Iceland

€ 1 800

€ 1 500

To Faroe Islands

€ 1 100

€ 750

To Greenland

€ 1 100

€ 750

  • the module does not provide travel grants from one Nordic country to another
  • those applying for accommodation funding are encouraged to apply for travel grants from the bilateral funds or from national funds and programmes
  • the only exception are travel grants from the West Nordic region (the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland) to the other Nordic countries or vice versa
  • the amount of the travel grant is defined according to the applicant’s budget
  • there is no upper limit for these travel grants but the recipient must give a detailed report with accounts on all travel expenses

Assessment criteria
  • to plan projects/research with a Nordic relevance
  • to prioritise new constellations and initiatives
  • Mobility is an opportunity for artistic and cultural operators to cross boundaries, both national and mental and to build platforms for dynamic and innovative art and culture in the Nordic countries.

Nordic Relevance
  • promotes Nordic co-operation and increases contacts in the Nordic countries
  • improves the understanding of similarities and differences between the Nordic countries and regions
  • improves the knowledge of artists from the Nordic countries and their work
  • Who can apply?
  • Professional artists and cultural operators in all the fields of art and culture in the Nordic countries
  • Funding will not be granted to civil servants or officials at state authorities
  • Students are encouraged to apply for funding through Nordplus

Payments and reporting

The grant will be paid in two instalments. The first instalment of 85% will be transferred when the recipient has submitted bank information (bank account, name and address of the bank, IBAN and SWIFT codes) and information about the recipient’s taxation country, through the recipient’s user profile within the NCP application data base at

The last 15% will be paid when NCP has received and approved a report. The report should be submitted as soon as possible and not later than three months after the journey. 

Please note that recipients also receiving a travel grant to/from the West-Nordic region, must add to the report the accounts for the travel expenses as a separate attachment. Please keep the original receipts for yourself.

Apply via the electronic application form

Nordic Culture Point Suomenlinna B 28, FI-00190 Helsinki