Module for Network Funding

Module for Network Funding

The module supports network building within the fields of art and culture in the Nordic region.

Offers possibilities for operators from various fields to co-operate, to develop partnerships and to learn from each other. 

Short-term network funding:
  • funding for activities lasting up to 1 year
  • the maximum amount is € 25 000 to cover a maximum of 70 % of the total expenses
  • the network itself must cover the remaining 30 % of the budget and specify in the application how this will be done
  • a network may obtain additional funding for one more year of activities with a well motivated application
  • a well functioning network may after a period with short-term funding consider to apply to the module supporting long-term network activities.
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Long-term network funding:
  • funding for activities lasting up to three years
  • The maximum amount is € 150 000 to cover a maximum of 50% of the total expenses
  • the network is obliged to arrange the rest of the financing and specify this in the application (see comment in short term)
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Assessment criteria for short-term network funding
  • the network has clear objectives and a limited duration
  • the network creates new interfaces within its own field and reaches out to others
  • the network is formed in order to plan artistic initiatives and to establish various processes and partnerships

Assessment criteria for long-term network funding
  • the network has clearly defined objectives
  • the network has innovative ideas and initiatives
  • the network is transparent and communicative
  • the network spreads information about the network, its work and results

Who can apply?
  • art and culture institutions, organisations and practitioners in the Nordic countries working at all levels and across all borders
  • new networks and partnerships with cultural diversity working in several different artistic and cultural fields will be prioritised
  • the network should consist of partners from at least three Nordic countries or autonomous areas
  • exceptions from the principle of three Nordic countries can be made when there are obvious culture political reasons
  • the network can include partners outside the Nordic region

Apply via the electronic application form

Nordic Culture Point Suomenlinna B 28, FI-00190 Helsinki